After his bbq, Tuna and his highly intoxicated friends and family decide to record an episode.  Pure chaos and comedy!  

Tuna returns!  In this episode, he ponders the reasons he feels so compelled to be a video creator/podcaster.  

Up and coming comedian and actor, Ethan Miller, calls in and tells us his story and aspirations.  

Another deep intellectual dive with Tuna, Ethan and Animal.  

The conversation continues.  

Tuna, Brother Ben and guest, Taylor, dive into politics.  

Tuna takes a look at the current state of affairs in his community and gives a positive perspective.  

Tuna invites a barista from his favorite coffee shop to hear her perspective of the service industry.  

Joseph from the Satanic Delco group stopped by to explain the organization to Tuna.  Great conversation!  

Tuna and his buddy, Danny discuss masturbation and other nonsense.  

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